TRINTER anti-erosion mats are a system for preventing and controlling slope erosion, made up of three polyester superposed meshes, with high breaking strength and low deformation, so as to obtain a three-dimensional volumetric configuration:
• a core PP mesh with square loops with resistance role;
• a HDPE mesh, with rhombic loops, over the basic one;
• a second mesh of HDPE, with rhomboidal loops, stuck by the first, so as to form waves. The two rhomboidal meshes have the role of fixing the sown vegetal soil.

The open and volumetric structure allows slopes fixing, ensuring an increase of the friction angle. In addition, high tensile strength and tensile stresses ensure long-term reinforcement of the slope.

The mat forms a dense layer to preventing further erosion of the soil and helps the roots to fit.

The corrugated mesh is a volumetric mesh with cavities in which additional amounts of soil can be added.

• preventing erosion of slopes with long inclination and longitude;
• anti-erosion protection when closing the ecological landfills of hazardous / non-hazardous waste;
• bank protection of rivers and canals;
• urban planning.

A solution to prevent the erosion of slopes and banks of riverbeds, which also provides bidirectional reinforcement in the horizontal plane, where appropriate, by introducing an elastic grid. The solution ensures fast restoration and fixation of the vegetation on slopes and its maintenance over time.