Biodegradable geotextile B2B BIOFELT consists of 100% biodegradable fiber based on natural wool, the seeds required for grassing, will be recommended depending on the application and the climatic area where it will be applied.

BIOFELT Geotextile is manufactured in Romania and is successfully used in applications such as:
• Slopes protection by fixing the vegetation on them, in order to avoid the erosion and soil-steams of the slopes (slow slipping of the soil on the small slopes as a result of the water infiltrations of the superficial deposits), by rainfall and wind activity;
• Organic reconstruction of degraded and polluted land, with tailings from thermal plants or mining processing;
• Turning the contaminated land into the agricultural circuit.

It is hygroscopic, easy to install and requires no maintenance after installation, decomposition period 3-5 years.
Biofelt prevents contact between rain drops and loose soil on the slopes that would otherwise have been taken along slopes due to streaming. In the first plants growing period, geotextile is the mechanical support for anchoring the roots, thus fixing and growing of the spontaneous flora on the surface of the geotextile. After the development of the vegetation layer, geotextile keeps the soil moisture (even at high temperatures) and, through its natural degradation, releases into the soil NPK class fertilizers, so necessary for the plants to grow.
Geotextile can fix the ash from the tailings formed around the thermal power plant or the fine tailings from the ore processing. By decomposition, geotextile helps to improve soil with nutrients over time, reintegrating it into the natural circuit.