BISTEX® Geocomposite consists of a glass fiber mesh interlaced or sewn on a polyester geotextile.
It simultaneously has the Reinforcement (R), Anti-fracture (STR) and Barrier (B) functions against water infiltration, provides extensive use in motorway construction, national and county roads, airport runways, streets, platforms, and parking.

• anti-fracture and barrier layer, between bituminous or cement concrete coat, degraded as a base layer and wear layer;
• anti-fracture layer, above the foundations of ballast stabilized with cement or weak concrete;
• anti-fracture layer for the execution single and double bituminous treatments, with a high service life;
• reinforcement of the bituminous layers in expansion works of the existing structures, for delaying the occurrence and transmission of the cracks due to joints;
• road rehabilitation, between the wear layer and degraded coating.

• elongation of the glass fiber of up to 2%, equal to the elongation of the bitumen, between the elastic and plastic state and the shape of the net, gives the geocomposite the quality of the fret, which performs the reinforcement function of the layer above it, having a tensile strength 50 kN/m;
• the geotextile in the composition was sized to absorb an optimal amount of bitumen/ bitumen emulsion, which simultaneously ensure, by saturation, the barrier and anti-fracture functions;
• provides protection for crack transmission in the upper layers, greatly increasing the life of road structures.

BISTEX® is the only geocomposite manufactured and licensed in Romania, which fully complies with the provisions of the European standards in force, ensuring the cumulative reinforcement (R), anti-fracture (R) and barrier (B) functions, fully complying with the requirements of the NORMATIVE REGARDING THE USE OF GEOSINTETICS IN REINFORCING THE ROAD STRUCTURES BY ASPHALT LAYERS - AND 592/2014