Flexible geogrids are made of polyester wires, made of high strength monofilaments and covered with polymeric coating, which provides great flexibility and tensile strength.

Besides the tensile force it has to withstand, depending on the concrete application, the geogrids have a wide variety, distinguishing two main types:
• biaxial, with equal tensile strength, in both directions;
• uniaxial, when the tensile strength (in the main direction of effort) has a significantly higher value than the other direction.

The most common applications are:
• Reinforced support walls, reinforced earth, reinforcement of foundations in road systems;
• Reinforcement of the railway foundation;
• Reinforcement of slopes and embankments, repairs in case of landslides;
• Reinforcing the slopes on low ground;
• Reinforcing the buildings foundations;
• Reinforcing the foundation over the buried pillars, reinforcing the foundation base layer;
• Reinforcement of the ground in the bridges abutment.

• Low cost alternative against conventional support walls;
• Fast and easy installation;
• Guarantees good long-term performance due to good behavior in slow flow – stress-rupture;
• The flexible structure of the geogrid ensures optimal interpenetration of the interlocking material;
• Can be used as greening reinforcement systems;
• The product is compatible with the environment.