Geocells are three-dimensional structures made of HDPE, like a bee honeycomb filled with granular material. They can be perforated or imperforated, flattened or textured on both sides. Color range: black, brown, green.

• backfills, access ramps;
• protection of slopes, supporting walls;
• consolidating foundations, roads;
• lost formwork for bank protection.

• allow maximum use of the load bearing capacity of the soft bedding ground and provide a solid and stable platform for terrain equipment;
• using geocells can significantly reduce the quantity / quality of aggregates for soil stabilization at road foundations;
• the geocell walls have the function of a container, having the role of maintaining the aggregate not refuted, when a punctual loading is applied, which then dissipates on the entire area of the geocells;
• tensile strength enough to allow the shear resistance of the under-layer;
• rigidity high enough to ensure uniform load distribution on the bedding ground;
• due to the variety of sizes, cells number and cell walls thicknesses, geocells provide economic and technical flexibility for a wide range of applications.