Bag type geocontainers can be made by cutting and sewing, from the following types of materials:
• UV-stabilized polypropylene non-woven geotextiles with a mass between 400-650 gr/sqm;
• Flat or tubular fabric laminated or non-laminated, of UV stabilized polypropylene yarns with a mass between 180 - 280 gr/sqm.

• used as protection, separation and filtration elements in works on water streams and hydro-technical constructions.

• consolidation, stabilization and prevention of local and general piping of river thalwegs;
• submersible elastic bottom sills to secure the infrastructure of bridges and other areas;
• guiding and defense dams, including the repair of damages due to floods; clogging gilders;
• resistance prism to bank protections;
• construction and supraelevation of defense dams;
• the protection and defense of banks and floodplains;
• geocontainers for filling the gabions with local material;
• beach protection;
• lost formworks for pillars drilled on column foundations, etc.