Geotextiles are woven or nonwoven fabrics, made of polyester or polypropylene, with a wide range of weights and resistances, depending on the scope.

The main functions fulfilled by geotextile materials are:
• Separation layer, drainage, filtration, protection, and reinforcement layers;
• Container function, when used in combination with a geogrid, when making ballast pads or reinforced ground walls;
• Increasing the carrying capacity.

• road construction;
• drainage;
• railway constructions;
• civil and industrial buildings, terraces, pensile gardens, foundations;
• fillings;
• sports fields;
• irrigation channels;
• tunnels;
• tanks - water basins;
• landfills;
• support walls.

• Stable behavior in time from the point of view of the filter;
• Very easy and fast installation compared to the filters in the aggregates;
• Preventing soil erosion and hydraulic discharges;
• Improves the free flow of water into the soil;
• Rainwater pressure is rapidly and safely reduced;
• Rapid dissipation of capillary water pressure;
• Reduces compaction time;
• Reduces the amount of filler material;
• There is no need to replace certain layers of ground;
• Non-contamination of the bearing layer;
• Improved frost-thaw behavior;
• The product is compatible with the environment.