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About Us

who we are?

The B2B Group set up in 2001 has as main objective the production of geosynthetic materials in Romania and the development of partnerships with external producers for promotion and distribution of geosynthetic materials in road infrastructure works, road rehabilitation and widening, land consolidation works, hydrotechnical works, mining, greening / recovery of sterile land and ecological landfills. B2B ensures the supply of the best materials according to the European standards in the field, offering technical assistance and execution services for commissioning the supplied products.
Having an experience of 17 years, with flexible behavior towards the dynamic market, we quickly respond to customers’ requirements regarding the supply of geosynthetic materials.

what we do?

We have developed and patented BISTEX®, the first glass fiber anti-fired geo-composite in Romania, as well as other types of geotextiles, which we produce in Bucharest, Romania


We are the first country producer of glass fiber anti-fired geocomposites and one of the main players in the geosynthetic materials market in Romania.
We have our own production facilities, warehouses in Bucharest and Brașov (Râșnov);
We have developed research and time tracking projects of material behavior in works, to confirm to beneficiaries and users the importance and benefits of using our materials.
We commit ourselves to being the best supplier of geosynthetic materials, aiming for the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Together with our partners, global producers of geosynthetic products, we have created a mix of products we have integrated into complete solutions for:

  • • foundation works and industrial platforms;
  • • separation elements, filter layers;
  • • fixing slopes, ecological landfills;
  • • drainage in embankments;
  • • banks defenses;
  • • hydro-technical works;
  • • bridges consolidation;
  • • railways works;
  • • river bottom thresholds;
  • • circulation of sterile land;
  • • rehabilitation of old roads;
  • • construction of new roads.


our products


It is essential for B2B CONSPROD to constantly seek new ways of community involvement.
We promote social responsibility by training our employees, providing professional development courses and individual personal development courses.

Social responsibility principles within B2B Consprod:
• the organization does not use or support the work of minors;
• does not use or support the use of forced labor;
• the organization guarantees a safe and healthy working environment and takes appropriate steps to prevent incidents or illnesses that may occur during work;
• the organization does not discriminate against employment or among employees;
• the organization complies with the legal requirements applicable to the work schedule.

We offer financial support through sponsorships of institutions such as:
• Aurora Day Care Center - Socialization and Rehabilitation Education for Children with Neuromotor Disabilities, Children aged 5-10 years. The center is in Bucharest.
• PRO VITA Association for Born and Non-born - whose purpose is to defend human life in all its stages, from conception to natural death.
• St. Visarion Parish - Bucharest

Photo Gallery of Works


B2B CONSPROD has implemented and maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System for marketing of geosynthetic materials and construction work with geosynthetic materials (SR OHSAS 18001: 2008), according to the Certificate no. 1204, obtained on 28.02.2011.

The company is certified for environmental protection - SR EN ISO 14001: 2005 - obtained on 28.02.2011 for Environmental Management System and our products have no negative impact on the environment.

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